3 bases in Okinawa,Tokyo and vietnamFor one year since our establishment we have been developing our business pillars and improving the organization. We will grow into a new stage by entering into the overseas market in 2011 summer.
We aim for a sustainable management for organic growth by providing quality solution and service with the 3 bases in Okinawa, Tokyo and Vietnam, 3 business pillars an 2 development organizations as our core.
3 business pillars
System Solution BusinessWe are providing the services such as system planning, site design, application development, selection and introduction of hardware and its maintenance and operation as one-stop-shop. In particular, our unique member administration package, mail marketing system and SNS engine developed by us are highly appreciated as the comprehensive marketing tool by many clients not only in the web community but the mobile community that is our specialty.
In recent years, we are focusing on the development of application for smartphones such as Android and iOS, receiving many orders for production mostly from large companies.
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Creative ContentsWe have excellent records in the various productions such as smartphone site, smartphone application,

design of web site for PC and mobile phones, creation of characters like avatar, Flash contents and web animation.

We offer a variety of design that meets the customer needs ranging from chic one to pop one. As Arx conducts production and development within us including the system planning and development,
high-quality as well as speedy provision is possible.

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System Operation Monitoring Service BusinessThrough the tie-up between several data centers in Japan and those in Vietnam,
we offer the service with the specification that meets your requirement. Also, we have built the system which enables our staff to respond to a trouble in particular 24 hours x 365 days in the system operation and monitoring.
We guarantee you steady operation with few errors and quick recovery from troubles.

2 development
Off-shore development

Taking advantage of the geographical merit of Okinawa,
we are now developing the base for sales and development
mainly in Southeast Asia.

We have already launched the off-shore development
and server operation/administration business in Vietnam.

Business development in Vietnam

・Server operation/administration
・Android・iOS application development
・Operation outsourcing, server monitoring and system operation
・Distribution and deployment of mobile contents
・Human resource development
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Near-shore development "Language" and "understanding of specification" will become a barrier to off-shore development.
Especially for back-bone systems, high level of communication ability is required.
Arx realizes the high-quality as well as low-cost software development here in Okinawa. Also, we are making most of it as the bridging base for the off-shore development mainly in Southeast Asia.